Ese sueño

Here you are, swinging your sword in an old abandoned factory. You're fighting against a complete stranger. But, have you asked yourself the question of "why"? Old place, everything abandoned, nothing to lose, nothing to destroy but you and me. Swinging your sword at nothing but a girl whose propose for you now is completely unknown. Are you scared? Do you have the courage needed to fight? You don't know anything, boy. And that's what you are. A simple scared boy fighting for survival.
Complicated by my daggers, aren't ya'? Trying to defend with that pretentious big single expensive sword? Maybe, and just maybe, you don't have a chance against me, haha.
Let me give you a little piece of advice, boy. The mystery in combat is not survival, is not in strength or reflexes, no entertainment, no joy. Here, what you must know, it's that defending your physical integrity must remain in a place far, far away from our combat. Your body doesn't mean anything, nor your spirit. In this lonely place, you're not fighting to protect a friend, you're not fighting for honor. You, my friend, are fighting to kill; and not just a stranger, you are fighting an old friend that's trying to help you. Strike to kill, go for the weak spots. If you want to win, the fight will be decided when you see the face and body, here, in this standing body, this standing and obnoxious stranger girl in front of you, preparing to kill you. The woman that knows the secrets of combat, the woman that lies deep within you, waiting to be killed by her successor.
Kill me, strike me. Annihilate not by fear, but with tears of a departing friend that you want gone forever.

-I see your face now, dear friend. I see who you are, old man. And I'll strike you down with a single blow, and you...


Trust yourself. Fight to kill. But what makes me happy, what's driving me? So many rules, so brake them. Too well behaved? What's the point? The only way it's to brake the fear to fail, we aren't always able to win, but the vision... I killed a friend and now I feel more powerful than ever.

I killed that old man 'cause the end of our friendship was destiny, maybe 'cause I was told to. But the fact remained, and no force of nature, no words can change what I did, what I learned, what I faced in that cursed place. I killed my friend with a power I didn't know that I had. But now, now I see. I can finally see.

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